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Look Out! It’s Cinema Monolith!

Please don’t panic…it’s just me, Todd, from the new Cinema Monolith, re-launching a familiar-looking site to bring you movie reviews, film articles, Top 5 lists, and other cinematic nonsense.

What is the Cinema Monolith? Well, it’s not only the name of this movie review site, but also the name I gave to the revolving DVD storage tower I purchased last year, a four-sided, 756-film-holding monstrosity from where most of the the reviews on this blog will be originating. I thought it might be fun to write reviews of the nearly 800 movies I own, and since I’m heading in a new direction, why not give this blog a distinctive name? After days spent test-driving such eclectic titles as The Torben Film Society, Filmcat, Midnight Movie Train, and The Film Goose, I finally realized, this has to be about the tower. And so, while searching the internet for imposing synonyms for the word (such as citadel, fortress, spire, and turret), I finally settled on ‘monolith’, and thus, Cinema Monolith was born.

I hope to post 1-to-2 reviews or articles per week, and like I said, most of the reviews will be of movies I own, though a small percentage will also come from theatrical viewings, cable television screenings, and DVDs I’m able to borrow from family, friends, and the local library. Of course, this also means my reviews will come from movies and genres I love to watch, so hopefully such categories as film classics, Bond, baseball, schlock, Eastwood, film noir, Hitchcock, and ’80s teen comedies won’t scare you off, but instead will keep you coming back for more.

And for those of you who think this site looks vaguely familiar, don’t worry, your eyes aren’t deceiving you: this indeed was once the movie review site once known as The Derby Killer, but now I’ve branched off on my own, and have kept the original theme and layout, with just a few minor changes and additions here and there to make it my own. Reviews and posts will still be presented in the same manner as before, but now each review will—for the most part—run four to five paragraphs in length. And as many of you will notice, I’m starting right where the Derby Killer left off back in July of last year, so some reviews may seem familiar, especially on the main page, there will be new ones thrown into the mix as well.

Other than that, it’s just more of the same. Which I hope is a good thing.

The Monolith


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