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CM Update – Week 8

I made it through eight weeks of daily posting: 34 reviews, 11 articles, three Top 5/3 lists, and eight updates. Now, it’s time for sleep.

And actually, I can’t believe I made it this far, what with all the head bonking and lack of social life hounding me at every turn. So I’ll end the streak here, and get caught up on a lot of other things in the meantime. It’s strange to think that I posted 56 times in just the first two months of 2018, which is more than the last two complete years combined! I’ll probably take a week or so to work on my baseball site, then I’ll start posting back here at least once a week, hopefully twice…which is more than the twice a month I averaged last year.

I think what I’ll do is, since I had the entire year of posts already planned out, I’ll just continue with that schedule, and now have a two- or three-day gap between each review, article, or Top 5/3 list. And I was going to eliminate the weekly CM Update, but I think I’ll put one up at the end of each month, like most everyone else does.

And an FYI: For my surprise sixth ‘Dirty’ movie for the ‘6 Days of Dirty’ marathon, I actually had two films to choose from, and went with Dirty Mary Crazy Larry after I discovered this one—which seems to be a drive-in variation of Dirty Harry—wasn’t available to watch on YouTube:

So after two months, what were my most viewed and least viewed posts? Check out the list here (and I just realized that January’s list was wrong…I was looking at most views per day instead of most-viewed posts). The numbers below show the high and low views per post for all of 2018:

Most Viewed Posts
Cinema Graveyard: Mann RB6 – 60
Todd’s Dark Desk of Noir: Queen Bee – 33
Review: The Sting – 29
Review: Night of the Blood Beast – 29
Review: Robot Monster – 29

Least Viewed Posts
Review: The Black Castle – 9
Review: The Cove – 10
Review: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows – 11
Review: Joe Kidd – 12
Review: Alien: Covenant – 12

Oh, and I guess I should mention that my most viewed post of this year wasn’t even posted in 2018! It was my article My Ten Rules of Film Noir, which I posted in 2013, and has garnered a total of 106 views in January and February!

And I’ll end this update with something funny I found on-line, while researching TV Guide movie ads. Apparently this guy Rick Polito wrote quite a few of these movie synopses when he worked for the Marin Independent Journal; this one appeared in the paper in 1998, and has recently gone viral:











22 comments on “CM Update – Week 8

  1. Kewl stats. But I don’t get the Wizard of Oz thing. Too old and lame apparently.

    • Todd B

      Not old, not lame! He just got comical with the usual synopsis and turned it into a basic breakdown of the film, in perhaps a crime drama style. Dorothy arrives, her house lands on the witch and kills her, then she meets the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, and the Lion, and they go on a killing spree. The End.

      • grandrapidsgirl

        That sounds great! Will have to put this on my radar. Hope to get to it before age 81! Thanks for another great review TRB! Happy Weekend!

      • Todd B

        Thanks, Julie! And don’t wait ’til you’re 81…TV’s may be forbidden by law by then!

  2. The Wizard Of Oz review is so superb HAHA love that. Hope you get to catch up on some much needed ZZZzzzzs after your manathon posting. I tried the everyday thing for a few days and it broke me lol, now I’m happy doing 3 a week. Catch you after your sabbatical.

    • Todd B

      I’ve already started the catching-up process, on sleep AND getting things done around the apartment. My sabbatical should be short…just a week or so. What’s funny is, my computer conked out last night, so I would’ve maybe lost the streak anyway. Guess I ended it just in the nick of time.

      • No way that incredible the computer held out for the finale of the Dirty series. I guess it just had to see what you were gonna to pick for the 6th dirty. Then when it saw you DIDN’T pick that naughty girls go dirty film, it’s just flew into a sulk rage and self combusted!! hehe

      • Todd B

        Wait, there was a naughty girls go dirty film I could’ve watched? Now I’M going to go into a sulk rage!

      • Hehe I meant that Dirty O’Neil: The Love Life Of A Cop film you posted up on your CM update Week 8 post. Looks like sleazy good fun 🙂

      • Todd B

        Oh, THAT ‘naughty girls go dirty’ film! I think I’ll have to watch and review that one someday, if I can ever track it down. I mean, it has Tara Strohmeier in it, for chrissake…how can I not want to watch it?

      • Didn’t realise I had watched Tara Strohmeier in Truck Turner recently. Thumbs up 🙂

      • Todd B

        I had to look up Truck Turner just now…never heard of it before, but I’ll for sure track it down now. She’s also quite delectable in Malibu Beach and Van Nuys Blvd!

      • I haven’t heard of either of them, they do look like extremely good fun 🙂

      • Todd B

        They are quite fun, in a nostalgic, laid-back late-’70s Southern California kind of way. You can find them both in the Drive-In Cult Classics Volume 3 set, from the fine folks at Mill Creek (and for $8.49 on Amazon!).

      • They look a riot of fun and crazy cheap too. Thanks for the tip.

      • Todd B

        Let me know when you start watching!

  3. I enjoyed the run while it lasted. A nice selection capped with a fine run of all things dirty…… Except the dozen.

    • Todd B

      Oh man, I didn’t even think about The Dirty Dozen as a possible ‘sixth day’ title! I guess it’s not really a drive-in movie, though, so maybe I’ll save it for a regular day to review. It’s part of the collection, so perhaps sometime this year.

  4. Dracula

    I wonder what the count is for the RB folks on the Cinema Graveyard post? Reid, where are you?

    • Todd B

      You, Julie, and Scott were the only three former RB residents who visited the post that I could actually verify…beyond that, it’s a mystery. Reid, I believe, is in prison, and he’s in one of the older ones that doesn’t have Wi-Fi.

  5. dbmoviesblog

    I also loved the synopsis to The Wizard of Oz, ain’t it really true actually?

    • Todd B

      Yeah, he really makes it sound like an R-rated version, doesn’t he? I’d love to see a collection of this guy’s work…what a fun read that would be. Thanks for the visit, Diana!

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