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Christmas Documentary Screening

Happy Holidays, Monolith Fans! Thought you might like to know, Channel 11 in Tucson is airing a very cool Christmas special Thursday night, December 24th. Read on for more info!

12 comments on “Christmas Documentary Screening

  1. Dan B

    What a minute…..that’s the dad from Family Matters!


    • Todd B

      Yes it is! They don’t mention it on the show, but to make extra money during the holidays, he works a second job as an LA police officer!

      Nice to hear from you, Danny…hope things are going well! Have you been to Lil’ Bits lately?


  2. Haha Al is the boss man. “When you get those feelings, insurance companies start to go bankrupt.” Best underrated character in a documentary ever.

    Sending big Christmas greetings to you Todd. All the best for 2021 buddy.


    • Todd B

      And a Happy Christmas to you too, Mikey! May your stockings be filled with Criterion Blu-rays and mint-condition jazz LPs!

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      • “May your stockings be filled with Criterion Blu-rays and mint-condition jazz LPs!”
        Got socks instead of blu-rays! but my daughter surprised me with mint vinyl. Not jazz but we’d been watching it together before she went to uni so it was a thoughtful gift. The soundtrack to Flight Of The Conchords. Now every time I wanna drop the F-bomb I can reach for the record. Like just now! getting a message that I’m back to work on Monday in tier 4. #MUTHA UCKERS 🙂


      • Todd B

        Nice on the mint vinyl! I remember watching Flight of the Conchords on their TV series, and didn’t realize they were more a musical group than comedians (or maybe they’re equal parts both). “I need my red delicious!”

        And sorry you have to head back to work tomorrow…that ucking ucks!

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      • Thanks for the “ucking ucks” bro lol
        Boris is doing an announcement in 30 mins.
        I got my mutha uckin finger crossed.

        They started as a comedy music duo on gigging around until they got to make the series. One of the reasons the songs are so good as they’d been well and truly tested.


      • Todd B

        So I just checked on Boris…it sounds like he shut most everything down again there in the UK. Does that mean you’re back to NOT working? Are you kids now home from school for a while? Is this better or worse than you expected (or hoped for)?

        The Marx Brothers did the same thing as the Conchords…took their show on the road, took note of which jokes got laughs, and used those in their films. Pretty smart, on the part of both parties!

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      • Secretly, or not so secretly some might say, I was hoping to be furloughed. But nah still at work. So pleased and lucky to have work so I know I’m being selfish. However I’d love to have some more time with the family, get fit, chill and catch up with stuff. The stuff we’d all love to do. and of course yes I can still do stuff like that…..but…… Anyway bla bla bla! LOL

        So as usual Boris talked “around” everything and everyone spent the next day trying to figure out what we can/can’t do. Nice to know we’ve got a funny man in charge too, just we got our clown for at least 3 more years!
        Hope all is ok in AZ and work etc?

        I hadn’t thought about that with the Marx Brothers but now you say it I can well imagine. Yes very smart indeed. Tried and tested material.


      • Todd B

        Yeah, I’m lucky and glad to be working, and since I’m in the medical field, I don’t think I need to worry about getting laid off anytime soon. Glad to hear you’re still working as well, but yeah, the time off would be nice.

        And yes, everything’s cool here in AZ…just my daily bike ride to work and back, then hanging at home, waiting for the weekend so I can get caught up on chores and projects. I am getting some movie watching in most every night…Raising Arizona last night, as well as The In-Laws, The Leech Woman, and The Ipcress File (which I thought was outstanding) so far this year. Now, if I could only find time to write reviews…


  3. Sgt. Powell is a front line real life hero.


    • Todd B

      Agreed! I’m just wondering when Argyle gets his own documentary special…

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