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Disasterpiece Theatre

Below is a list of 38 films—plus one that never aired, and an anniversary special—that were shown on Disasterpiece Theatre, a weekly broadcast on San Diego’s local XETV 6 that screened—and poked fun at—bad movies on weekend nights between 1980 and 1981. The show was hosted by Sal U. Lloyd (as played by XETV employee Jay Curtis), who’d offer up skits, sight gags, and humorous subtitled comments throughout the less-than-stellar films he presented.

Though the 1981 listing is complete, thanks to a journal I kept that year, the list for 1980 is not; I’ll include more entries for that section whenever I can track them down. And the ‘Own?’ column below represents movies I own, not the actual episode of Disasterpiece Theatre.


# Date Title Year Reviewed? Own?
01 06/13/80 The Thing That Couldn’t Die 1958 No
02 06/20/80 Eighteen and Anxious 1957 No
03 06/27/80 Curucu, Beast of the Amazoni 1956 No
04 07/04/80 The Unearthly 1957 No Yes
05 07/11/80 Atom Age Vampire 1960 No Yes
06 07/25/80 Scandal, Inc. 1957 No
07 08/01/80 Rocket to the Moon 1967 No
08 08/22/80 Son of Godzilla 1967 No
09 08/29/80 Beginning of the End 1957 No
10 09/05/80 Shriek of the Mutilated 1974 No
11 09/12/80 Kung Fu Gold 1974 No
12 09/19/80 No Survivors Please 1964 No
13 10/10/80 The Invisible Ghost 1941 No Yes
14 10/24/80 Monster Zero 1965 No Yes
15 10/31/80 Dracula 1931 No Yes
16 11/28/80 Shriek of the Mutilated 1974 No
17 12/26/80 Curse of the Undead 1959 No
18 ??/??/80 Track of the Moon Beast 1976 No Yes
19 ??/??/80 Captive Wild Woman 1943 No Yes

Disasterpiece Theatre - clipping 1 final b


# Date Title Year Reviewed? Own?
01 01/02/81 Godzilla’s Revenge 1969 No Yes
02 01/09/81 The Spider Woman Strikes Back 1947 No Yes
03 01/17/81 The Mummy’s Hand 1940 No Yes
04 01/24/81 The Unearthly 1957 No Yes
05 01/31/81 The Creeper 1948 No Yes
06 02/07/81 The Leech Woman 1960 No Yes
07 02/14/81 The Mole People 1956 Yes Yes
08 02/21/81 Trog 1970 No
09 02/28/81 First Spaceship on Venus 1962 No Yes
10 03/07/81 Panama Sal 1957 No
11 03/14/81 Big Boy Rides Again 1935 No Yes
12 03/21/81 Revenge of the Creature 1955 No
13 03/28/81 The Beginning of the End 1957 No
14 04/04/81 Daughter of the Jungle 1949 No
15 04/11/81 The Monolith Monsters 1957 No Yes
16 04/18/81 Jungle Woman 1944 No Yes
17 04/25/81 Godzilla vs The Cosmic Monster 1974 No
18 05/02/81 Born to Speed 1947 No
19 05/09/81 Tobor the Great 1954 No Yes
20 05/15/81 Shriek of the Mutilated 1974 No
21 05/23/81 Monster on the Campus 1958 Yes Yes
22 05/30/81 The Mummy’s Ghost 1944 No Yes
23 06/06/81 War of the Gargantuas 1966 No Yes
24 06/13/81 1st Anniversary Special
25 06/20/81 Monster Zero 1965 No Yes
26 06/27/81 House of Horrors (never aired) 1946 No Yes

Disasterpiece Theatre - Sal U. Lloyd waving

10 comments on “Disasterpiece Theatre

  1. Terry

    Is it possible to get copies of the Disasterpiece Theater shows you have?


    • Todd B

      Hi Terry! Wish I had better news for you, but I own NONE of the Disasterpiece Theatre episodes, and I wish I did. Our family didn’t own a VCR back in the early-80s, so I never had the chance to tape any of them, and so far I’ve found nothing on-line, save for a handful of clips on YouTube (which are definitely worth watching if you’re a fan…not much, but it’s all we’ve got). I’d read somewhere that the people who made the show would re-use their video tapes, and record over the previous week’s episode. If that’s the case, it appears we may never see a full DT episode again.


      • Terry

        Todd, your Disasterpiece Theater listing say that you own copies of The Mummy’s Hand, Leech Woman and a few others. Is that just the movie, not the Disasterpiece Theatre episode?


      • Todd B

        Yes, it’s supposed to mean I own the movie itself, not the DT episode. A bit misleading…sorry about that.


  2. Patrick Alford

    I have different recollections on a few films/dates: Rocket to the Moon on 08/01/80, Son of Godzilla on 08/22/80, The Beginning of the End on 08/29/80, Shriek of the Mutilated on 09/05/80, Kung Fu Gold on 09/12/80, No Survivors Please on 09/19/80 and Curse of the Undead on 12/26/80.


    • Todd B

      Thanks for that valuable info, Patrick! A couple years ago I went to into the newspaper archives at my local library and looked up the actual TV listings for Disasterpiece Theatre in 1980, figuring it would be a cinch to complete the list…nope! Nearly all of the listings showed ‘To be announced’!

      Anyway, I’ll add those seven to my list…and again, I appreciate the help!


  3. Mike

    Aren’t you missing Teenage Cat Girls In Heat?


    • Todd B

      I had to look that one up, to make sure it wasn’t real…and good lord, it was! Sadly, it was never shown on Disasterpiece Theatre…mainly because it was released about thirteen years too late.


  4. Rush Glick

    Oh, how I loved staying up and watching these delightfully horrible (for the most part) films. Of course, I mainly hung around for the antics of the great Sal U. Lloyd, the Other Guy, and the guest bands (Claude Coma & the IVs!).

    I got to see Sal at the Ken Cinema one night when he co-hosted the Golden Turkey Award film festival with Michael Medved…yes, the Edsel was parked right out in front. As I recall, two of the movies shown were Glen or Glenda and Plan 9 From Outer Space.

    Fun times which helped soften the sadness of John Lennon’s death, and got the ’80s going for some of us…


    • Todd B

      Hey, a Disasterpiece fan! Not many of us out there…cool that you used to watch, and especially cool that you saw Sal live at the Ken. I never knew they held the Golden Turkey Awards there…would’ve loved to have seen it (I did get to see a Mad Movies screening there, though). I wish there were still some full DT episodes out there…I’ve only been able to find clips on YouTube. Oh well…at least we have the memories.

      And I don’t remember Claude Coma and the IVs, but I do remember ‘The Words Get Stuck in My Throat’ from when DT showed War of the Gargantuas!


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