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Jaws on the Thames

I’ve heard of outdoor film screenings at drive-ins, in parks, on dormitory walls of college campuses, and at swimming pools where viewers float on inner tubes while they watch. But this is the first I’ve heard of a movie being shown on the top of a boat as it traveled along a river through a metropolitan city. The film, of course, is Jaws, the river is the Thames, and the city is London. And who wouldn’t want to watch Jaws, or any movie for that matter, in a setting such as this:

Just being a visitor to London would’ve been thrilling enough, but to be sitting atop a City Cruise ‘cinema boat’ as it departed Tower Bridge and wound its way at sunset along the River Thames, passing such landmarks as the Palace of Westminster, Big Ben, the Tower of London, the HMS Belfast, and the giant London Eye ferris wheel, before docking at nightfall to watch a movie, would be nothing short of phenomenal.

There’s only one problem with all of this: a ticket to this screening will set you back £38.00…or in American coinage, about $49.50. Good lord! Then again, I guess if you can afford airfare, hotel, and rental car for a visit to London just to see a movie, you could probably afford a fifty-buck movie ticket as well. Otherwise, you can save yourself a few shillings and catch the film in a more conventional manner, at the Prince Charles Cinema near Leicester Square:

And for those of you making plans right now to fly to the UK for one of these Jaws events, hold on: I believe they’ve already screened for the summer, so you may have to wait ’til next year!

4 comments on “Jaws on the Thames

  1. Dracula

    This is a bargain with the strong dollar to the pound. A couple years back it would have been about $80! Oh yeah, skip the car rental, everybody uses trains and the tube. So maybe next year…

    • Todd B

      Okay, so skip the car and travel by double-decker bus…skip the hotel and stay with some flight attendants I met on the trip over…and skip the price of a movie ticket by sneaking aboard the boat after it leaves the dock. That should leave me plenty of money to buy some fish & chips at a local pub and watch that night’s cricket tournament, with the handful of new friends I met on the movie cruise.

      • Dracula

        Don’t forget the warm beer with the fish and chips.

      • Todd B

        Only if the UK stocks Narragansett!

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