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Jaws Poster Gallery 3: The Foreign One-Sheets

To kick off Jaws Month 2017, I thought I’d offer up another poster gallery, this time spotlighting Jaws one-sheets from countries around the world. I tracked down eight examples on-line, and as far as I could tell during my research, they’re all from the original release year of 1975 (or at least, that country’s release year). I saved my favorite for last; I like it simply for its overboard thrill factor and unabashed gratuitousness.


















Wait, I don’t remember that scene from the movie! And that shark looks a lot like the one featured three years later on the poster for Jaws 2…hmmm. Even so, if I’d been living in Istanbul back in 1975, this poster would’ve definitely grabbed my 12-year-old attention and had me begging my baba to take me to the Emek Sinemasi the day the film opened.


8 comments on “Jaws Poster Gallery 3: The Foreign One-Sheets

  1. Dracula

    Where is the Romanian poster? In their version, a silver bullet was needed to take out Jaws!

    • Todd B

      And wait, let me guess: the shark had two front fangs that were just a bit longer and sharper than his others. And he wore a black cape. Not sure about that Romanian poster…I searched and re-searched for as many foreign posters as I could find, and could only come up with those eight. I even tried typing ‘Romanian Jaws Poster’ into Google Search earlier today, and the closest ones that displayed were Polish one-sheets for Jaws 2!

  2. These are really excellent!! Sweet work with the graphics TRB!! Am partial to the Polish one of course. 🙂

    • Todd B

      Wait, why the Polish one? Am I forgetting something about you, or something you once mentioned? Is it because the artwork includes the color purple? Help!

  3. While I don’t have any of these, I do treasure my U.S. one sheet. 🙂

    • Todd B

      I don’t own any of those eight, either, and I don’t think I’d be in too big a rush to obtain any of them. But yes, that cool US one-sheet…framed and hanging on my wall above the desk where I’m typing at his very moment.

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