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Jaws Poster Gallery 4: Fan Artwork

The fourth and final of my Jaws Poster Galleries, a collection of faux one-sheet Jaws posters designed and created by artist fans of the film….twenty of my favorites that I’ve found on-line over the past few years. Some are re-creations, some are minimalist tributes, one is for a movie studio theme park, and all of them are just plain cool.


D.L. Sherwood – 2015


Matt Talbot – 2016


Matthew Thomas – 2014


Viktor Hertz – 2011


Phantom City Creative – 2016


Simon Delart – 2015


Matt Ryan Tobin – 2016


Epletz – 2014


Lee Hartnup – 2015


Kevin Wilson – 2015


Elijah Escobedo – 2014


Alain Bossuyt – 2012


Tiny But Deadly – 2015


Rob Armstrong – 2012


Joris Laquittant – 2016


Tony Stella – 2014


Matt Needle – 2015


Phantom City Creative – 2017


Stefan Lawrence – 2012



So which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. For me, I saved the best for last…the one I would most want framed and hanging on my living room wall (though I might be persuaded to hang that second-to-last ‘Disneyland-style’ poster from Universal Studios as well). I never was able to track down the artist for that last one, so whoever you are, nice work! And a tip of the bad hat to the rest of you as well!


12 comments on “Jaws Poster Gallery 4: Fan Artwork

  1. grandrapidsgirl

    This is an impossible decision. I suggest making a collage out of all of them!! Really neat collection!

    • Todd B

      Thanks for checking out the post so late at night…it’s past midnight out there! I predicted that the fifth poster from the bottom, by Tony Stella, would be your favorite, simply because it kinda has the look of the movie posters from Poland that you own and like. Goodnight!

      • grandrapidsgirl

        In reviewing them again – I feel very transparent and you know me too well as that is exactly the one I would pick. And I made the choice w/o 1st checking out the title/name. Escobedo, Delart, Phantom City Creative are good too but my 2nd choice would be Matthew Thomas. Gotta run – back on the warpath!

      • Todd B

        Maybe we’ll have to add that one by Tony Stella to your wall of Polish film posters! And good pick for your second favorite; I kinda wish it didn’t have all the crinkles in it, though.

  2. butterboy44

    You should give them numbers so it’s easier to check everyone’s choices out. My fav is the Kevin Wilson golden hour one, but what instills me with the most fear and basically is the reason why I fear the ocean is the one right before it by Lee Hartnup. You never know what’s underneath you. Heads up, Kintner boy.

    • Todd B

      The one you like best is probably the one that gets the most raves out of the bunch; people really like that one, and it was offered as a poster (in both color and black-and-white versions) and I think it sold out fast. And the other one you mentioned…yeah, it gives me the chills whenever I look at it. The guy who created that one made a bunch of others like it, all featuring the more frightening and gory moments of certain Jaws scenes…the stuff we didn’t get to see in the movie.

      • America Felix

        I can only imagine the terror of waking up to the seventh poster down from the top Matt Ryan Tobin-2016 in my bedroom. Oh the horror. The horror.

      • Todd B

        The horror indeed, America! It’s images such as that one that make me have second (and third and fourth) thoughts about trying to scuba dive. The idea that I could be underwater, in peaceful silence, and turn around to see THAT about six inches from my face…no thanks!

  3. Tough to call. Like the orca heading out inside Jaws from Quints shop. Have to say before looking at the collection I have an alternate fave that isn’t here. It’s the umbrella on the beach print. Don’t know the artist but always catches my eye.

    • Todd B

      I also really like that print you’re referring to…would love to have that one on my wall as well. But I’d already included it in the first poster gallery back in 2015, so I figured I’d put twenty different ones up there for 2018. And that poster artwork is credited to Mondo, but I just now found it was done by Laurent Durieux, apparently in 2013 for an Alamo Drafthouse screening.

  4. Dracula

    Why is there a 747 flying above the lounger and casting a shadow on the Matt Talbot poster? Was this a mix up with the Airport disaster movies during the same period? If he had only looked up into the sky to see the aircraft falling on his head he could have started paddling.

    • Todd B

      No mix up…that’s the shadow of a shark-shaped plane flying overhead. I believe the airline is PSA, which of course is an acronym for Pending Shark Attack.

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