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Jaws Poster Gallery

As part of Jaws Month here at Cinema Monolith,  I wanted to post a page full of the many different Jaws movie posters I’ve seen over the years, but since there are dozens upon dozens to choose from, from original theatrical releases to variations that were designed by fans, I whittled the list down to a select few:

Jaws – 1975


The iconic original, designed by artist Roger Kastel for the paperback release of the novel, and purchased by Universal for use as the film’s one-sheet poster…and the version that hangs proudly above my computer desk in my apartment. Features the classic ‘May be too intense for younger children’ warning that went with its questionable PG rating.

Jaws 2 – 1978

Jaws 2 - poster fix crop
Yeah, I know, it’s not a true Jaws poster, but I figured I’d include something from Jaws 2 since it brings back memories of my trip to visit my grandparents in Clyde, Ohio during the summer of ’78, when my grandpa and I went to a screening one afternoon at the old Cinema Paramount in nearby Fremont. It’s also the only Jaws sequel I’ve ever bothered to see, and the artwork was featured on the cover of the paperback novelization that I read during another trip to Ohio in 1980.

Jaws – 1979 re-release

Jaws - poster re-release fix crop
With no pay-per-view or home video available to me in 1979, the only way to catch my favorite movie again was when it was brought back to theaters that summer, four years after it was originally released, when I walked to our local theater—the Crossroads Quad Cinema in Bellevue, Washington—with my sister Kelly and our neighbor Mike. For me, it was my sixth viewing, but for my two young companions, it was their first, and as Kelly attests in her comment in my ‘Top 5 Favorite Movies of 2014’ post, it definitely left a scar that has yet to heal. And yes, the film is still rated PG, and it’s still too intense for younger children.

Jaws – 1979 television premiere

Jaws - poster tv fix crop
It took four years after its original release, and just a few months after its theatrical re-release, for Jaws to appear on broadcast television for the first time, on the night of November 4, 1979. I don’t know if this poster-like advertisement appeared in newspapers, in that week’s TV Guide, or as promotional material for local TV stations, but one thing’s for sure: I was up late watching the ABC Sunday Night Movie that night. And with school the next day, no less.

Jaws – 2010 revival screening

I took to this one the moment I saw it: the layout, the color, the rifle scope on the oxygen tank. This one-sheet was created for a 2010 screening of Jaws at the Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, and no, I did not attend this ‘First Friday Fright Night’ presentation, although I wish I could have. I visited the Colonial’s web site, and it looks like a great place to catch a movie; seriously, who could turn down the upcoming ‘Italian All Night Splatterfest 4’ in September?

Jaws – 40th Anniversary screening

Jaws - poster 40th
When I heard that Turner Classic Movies was having a special 40th anniversary screening of Jaws this summer, I of course was eager to go, and when I saw that the Harkins theater next door to my apartment complex was showing it, I raced home from work the night of June 2nd and made sure I was there. Only later did I discover (when I saw the poster above advertised on-line) that the ‘official’ screening was on the 21st and 24th, and only at my local AMC theaters; unfortunately, I’d be out of state on a trip the days of those two presentations. Still, I’m glad I went to the Harkins screening instead, where better (and cheaper) popcorn is always served.

Jaws – 40th Anniversary screening

Jaws - poster Cult Classics
Now this is the 40th Anniversary screening I wish I could’ve attended: a one-night-only presentation in Tempe on June 20th, the actual date of the original opening of Jaws back in 1975. My trip to New England was still a day away, so I would’ve been able to go, but I didn’t find out about the damn thing ’til after it had already played! I do love that poster, though, and if one’s available from Zia Records (who put on the screening), I may try to pick one up.

Jaws – fan-designed one-sheet

Jaws - poster resurface
Of the many posters created by Jaws fans that I found while scouring the web during Jaws Month, this was one of my favorites; the site My Movie Art tags it as ‘Jaws 5’, and I’m not sure if the poster is depicting a sequel entitled Jaws: Resurface, or if it’s stating that the original Jaws is resurfacing in theaters in July (in RealD 3D no less). Either way, it’s a simple but well-done poster, and to me worthy of an actual theatrical release. If you’re interested, do an on-line search for ‘jaws minimalist poster’, and you’ll find plenty of other cool designs in this style.

Jaws – fan-designed one-sheet

Jaws - travel poster
Another fan-created poster done in a minimalist style by the artists at Mondo, this one I like because of its similarities to railway and airline advertising of the 1940s and 1950s, which I’m a fan of. What makes it doubly cool is that, if you’ve never seen the film, you have no idea what the poster is telling you, but for fans of Jaws, it’s all there to see: Chief Brody’s truck, Alex Kintner’s raft, Pipit the dog, and the line recited by Murray Hamilton, playing Mayor Vaughn, where he states, “It’s a beautiful day, the beaches are open, and people are having a wonderful time.” And if you like the poster enough to want to order it, forget it: apparently the supply sold out one hour after its release.

Paws – 2016 theatrical release

Jaws - poster cat fix crop 2
Ha, just kidding! No theatrical release here, but I’d pay a hefty sum to see it if there was! Again, while surfing the web for this post, I found this little dandy and couldn’t help but include it in on this page to close things out. By the way, do you think we could get Lori Loughlin or Elisabeth Shue to do Paws: The Revenge?

8 comments on “Jaws Poster Gallery

  1. Kelly Betron

    I love this! Thanks for the commentary and posters. Such fun!

    • Todd Benefiel

      You are indeed welcome, and I’m glad you liked it! More fun things coming later this week!

  2. Nothing quite like the original for me. As for Datsun presents….no wonder they went out of business. I do like the umbrella poster. Seen that one before.

    • Todd Benefiel

      Yeah, Datsun really pulled out all the stops for their ad design, didn’t they? And can you believe it took me a few days of looking at that umbrella poster to see the shark fin ON the umbrella? Derf! Check back again Wednesday, Mike…I have one more poster you might be interested in seeing.

      • Will do. If I recall I didn’t catch the shark fin right away either.

      • Todd Benefiel

        I just wonder if there’s anything else we didn’t notice hidden there within the poster…the Orca perhaps? Chrissie Watkins sunbathing? The Mother Ship from Close Encounters of the Third Kind?

  3. Sun City Doug

    Great posters! However, now I am so scared. I locked my doors and drained the water out of the bathtub. And I can hear that incessant da-DUM da-DUM da-DUM. Now the nightmares are going to emerge ! I can feel it already…Nightmare on Teakwood Street. Aarrgghh.

    da-DUM da-DUM da-DUM

    • Todd Benefiel

      Sorry Doug, I don’t think I’ll be stopping by your place anymore: I can just picture you standing nervously at your window, waiting to shoot at my scuba tank as I approach your front door! For me, that would truly be a Nightmare on Teakwood Street. Or maybe a Last Doug’s House on the Left.

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