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Movie Ticket Memories: Indecent Proposal

Back in 1993, Julie and I traveled to San Luis Obispo to explore the city by bike and see a movie at the old-time Fremont Theater.


The Witch (2016)

A family exiled from a village in 1600 New England must deal with more than just the title character in this chilling horror indie from director Robert Eggers.


The Tingler (1959)

Vincent Price stars as a doctor who experiments with fear, and discovers something every person has inside of them, and which can only be stopped by…SCREAMING!


CM Update – Week 6

Another sleepless week has gone by, and somehow I’m managing to stay one jump ahead. But the good news is, I added a few movies to the Monolith collection!


Todd’s Dark Desk of Noir: Queen Bee (1955)

Today, the Dark Desk takes a look at this noir drama for the O Canada! blogathon, starring Joan Crawford and featuring Canadian actors Fay Wray and John Ireland.


Satan’s Triangle (1975)

You’ve played the 1970s board game, now relive the terror and excitement of the Bermuda Triangle with this seagoing horror movie starring Kim Novak and Doug McClure!


Joe Kidd (1972)

With Joe Kidd, Clint Eastwood creates another iconic Western character in this well-made and entertaining effort from director John Sturges and writer Elmore Leonard.


4 Movies, 4 Theaters, 1 Day

This e-mail I sent to friends and family chronicles the trip I took from Phoenix to Tucson in 2009 to see four movies at four different locations.


The Black Castle (1952)

Karloff and Chaney take a back seat to Greene and McNally in this Gothic mystery set in the Black Forest of Germany, where vampires are few and far between.


A Walk in the Woods (2015)

Robert Redford and Nick Nolte hit the Appalachian Trail, and encounter all sorts of silliness, in this adaptation of Bill Bryson’s popular travel book.


CM Update – Week 5

I’ve reached my goal of posting on the site every day of January; now, I’m into February, and it’s becoming a struggle to keep up. And to get any sleep.


Night of the Blood Beast (1958)

Somebody get this damn thing offa me! Roger Corman and his brother Gene offer up this pre-Alien copycat, which stars an odd bird-creature that thirsts for… conversation?


The Cove (2009)

An outstanding documentary that reveals the truth behind a hidden cove in Japan, where thousands of dolphins are slaughtered by fishermen every year.


Inside the CM Vault: Hanson Brothers Autographs

Ready to put on some foil? After you do, check out what I picked up at a sports pub back in 2006, from three guys who threatened to kill me.


Celluloid Mayhem at Pomerado Hospital

Wait, how can there be film-related mayhem at a hospital? It wasn’t easy, but trust me, the person involved somehow found a way.


The Forest (2016)

A woman travels to a suicide forest in Japan, where her twin sister is believed to be lost, and finds plenty more than she bargained for.


It All Came True (1940)

Ann Sheridan and Humphrey Bogart star in this combination of comedy, romance, crime, and musical, directed by Lewis Seiler and co-starring Fanto the Hopping Dog.


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