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Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone (1983)

The Video Store Action Heroes are back, reviewing sci-fi actioners from the non-blockbuster side of the ledger. For me, it’s a Molly Ringwald space adventure from ’83.


When the Star Wars Universe Imploded

Forty years ago this week, The Star Wars Holiday Special was unleashed on an unsuspecting viewing audience. The world, and the universe, have never been the same.


Halloween in the Great White North

No Bob & Doug McKenzie here…just two US brothers wandering around a coastal Canadian city looking for burgers, hockey, and a horror movie or two.


Todd’s Dark Desk of Noir: Undertow (1949)

Quite the cool little B-noir at the Dark Desk this time around, featuring a handful of familiar faces, a future horror director, and the lovely Peggy Dow.


The Stone Killer (1973)

Charles Bronson is a police detective who travels from New York to LA and uncovers a strange revenge plot orchestrated by the mob in this different ’70s crime thriller.


The Glory Stompers (1967)

A gonzo Dennis Hopper preps for Easy Rider in this better-than-average drive-in flick from American International, a revenge story which pits good bikers against bad.


ffolkes (1980)

The Video Store Action Heroes blogathon kicks off here at the CM with a so-called adventure thriller starring Roger Moore, Anthony Perkins, and a room full of cats.


Suspicion (1941)

Cary Grant brings Joan Fontaine an ominous beverage – and more – in this excellent suspense thriller from Alfred Hitchcock. (Excellent until the end, I should say.)


Coming Soon: Video Store Action Heroes!

Join Mike, Greg, Mikey, and myself as we join forces to bring you a four-man blogathon of reviews celebrating action/adventure films of the ’70s and ’80s!

8/7/18 · 20 Comments

Jaws Month: A Few Final Thoughts

I close out Jaws Month 2018 with a collection of thoughts and insights about the movie that have been rattling around my brain for a while. Enjoy!


Fun with Jaws

Is it possible to have some fun with a killer shark? Sure, why not? Travel now to Amity Island and lighten up with the cast and crew of Jaws.


He Didn’t Eat a Car, Did He?

We all remember the ‘cutting open the shark’s stomach’ scene, right? Do you remember the items Hooper removes from the stomach? Guess which one now sits on my shelf!


Jaws Poster Gallery 4: Fan Artwork

A collection of twenty of my favorite Jaws-inspired artist creations, where Jaws posters for movies, anniversaries, and even theme parks are re-imagined by fans.


The Fourth Bruce

What is this about, a shark head? And it’s called Bruce? Does this have anything at all to do with Jaws? Hey, it’s Jaws Month…of course it does!


Jaws Screenings in 2018

The year’s only half over…still plenty of time to watch Jaws at a beach, pub, or museum near you. Check out these posters and ads to find out where!


Jaws: The Revenge (1987)

Worst. Christmas. Movie. EVER! Join me as I rip to pieces the final Jaws film, where a great white seeks vengeance on Chief Brody’s family. Why, I don’t know.


Top 5 Favorite Jaws Memories

Ever wonder what my favorite memories of Jaws are? Well, wonder no more…here are five of them, with three bonus memories to boot.


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