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Dirty Mary Crazy Larry (1974)

‘6 Days of Dirty’ comes to a close with – surprise! – a dirty-titled car chase classic starring Peter Fonda, Susan George, and a lime-green Dodge Charger.


The Dead Pool (1988)

‘6 Days of Dirty’ presents the final entry in the Dirty Harry series, with Clint Eastwood returning as homicide inspector Harry Callahan to rough up more scum.


Sudden Impact (1983)

Day 4 of my ‘6 Days of Dirty’ festival has Clint Eastwood back in action as ‘Dirty’ Harry Callahan, investigating a string of serial killings in a small California town.


The Enforcer (1976)

The third entry in my ‘6 Days of Dirty’ marathon is also my favorite of the Dirty Harry sequels. Clint Eastwood returns as Harry Callahan…and this time he’s PISSED.


Magnum Force (1973)

‘6 Days of Dirty’ continues with the second in a series of Dirty Harry films, once again starring Clint Eastwood as homicide inspector Harry Callahan.


Dirty Harry (1971)

‘6 Days of Dirty’ kicks off with this first installment of the Dirty Harry series, with Clint Eastwood as the maverick homicide detective who plays by his own rules.


CM Update – Week 7

Well, this week might do me in… we’ll see how far I get into it before my miraculous month-and-a-half posting streak comes to an end.


Todd’s Dark Desk of Noir: Criss Cross (1949)

Today I sit down at the Dark Desk and take a look at director Robert Siodmak’s double-crossing noir classic, starring Burt Lancaster, Yvonne De Carlo, and Dan Duryea.


Top 5 Favorite Films of All Time

Okay, here they are: one you probably already know, one I reviewed this year, and three others you may or may not realize are on the list.


A Sudden Bonk to the Head

So I had something funny happen to me this past Friday that sheds new light on my attempt at posting every day on the CM site.

2/15/18 · 16 Comments

Movie Ticket Memories: Indecent Proposal

Back in 1993, Julie and I traveled to San Luis Obispo to explore the city by bike and see a movie at the old-time Fremont Theater.


The Witch (2016)

A family exiled from a village in 1600 New England must deal with more than just the title character in this chilling horror indie from director Robert Eggers.


The Tingler (1959)

Vincent Price stars as a doctor who experiments with fear, and discovers something every person has inside of them, and which can only be stopped by…SCREAMING!


CM Update – Week 6

Another sleepless week has gone by, and somehow I’m managing to stay one jump ahead. But the good news is, I added a few movies to the Monolith collection!


Todd’s Dark Desk of Noir: Queen Bee (1955)

Today, the Dark Desk takes a look at this noir drama for the O Canada! blogathon, starring Joan Crawford and featuring Canadian actors Fay Wray and John Ireland.


Satan’s Triangle (1975)

You’ve played the 1970s board game, now relive the terror and excitement of the Bermuda Triangle with this seagoing horror movie starring Kim Novak and Doug McClure!


Joe Kidd (1972)

With Joe Kidd, Clint Eastwood creates another iconic Western character in this well-made and entertaining effort from director John Sturges and writer Elmore Leonard.


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