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The Monolith Goes on Hiatus

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As most of you followers are aware, my posts here at Cinema Monolith have been few and far between since I started this blog back in 2014, and as you blogging friends have noticed, I’ve been quite negligent with reading and commenting on your posts and reviews for the past month or so. Circumstances within and beyond my control—my work schedule, trying to read every entry in a recent Criterion blogathon, dealing with a move to a new apartment, Christmas, life in general—have put me WAY behind in just about everything related to this site, and the only way I’m going to get caught up is to take a break from posting for a while, and get these little projects taken care of.

So beginning tomorrow, the Monolith will go quiet for a few months (with the exception of a review I’ve already committed to write for a blogathon in mid-January) while I work on updating and refurbishing the site; no wholesale changes will take place, and the site’s theme and layout will remain the same, but there are pages, indexes, and photos I need to clean up, and several non-consistencies that need to be addressed. In addition, I’d like to add a few fun new columns to the site as well.

Hopefully, when I get all this figured out, I’ll be able to post something once or twice a week…a simple schedule for most, I know, but for me it will be quite the accomplishment. First, however, I’ll need to go through the 82 half-finished drafts of reviews within the blog site itself (holdovers from the old Derby Killer days) and finalize those, then I’ll sift through a couple of spiral notebooks and a digital voice recorder and start organizing the notes I’ve written and dictated for those movies…over a hundred, some of which date back to three years ago, for chrissake!

So anyway, that’s my story. As soon as I get this flotsam taken care of, I’ll be back to having fun with the Monolith, and posting more than ever before. The site will still be open during this time, so if you’d like to stop in and do some digging around, you may spot a few of the updates I’ve made (in fact, if you look at the pages for the Sub-Genre Index, you’ll see the results of the photo updates I’ve been working on for the past few months). Thanks to everyone for being patient, and to Lindsey, Stu, Mike, Kristina, Keisha, and the others whose blog sites I visit, I’ll do my best to keep up with your posts in 2016!

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6 comments on “The Monolith Goes on Hiatus

  1. Stu

    Best of luck with the tidying up, Todd, although I probably ought to make you aware that someone with the initials “FM” has signed the bottom of the post. Is this a pseudonym? Frank McIntyre? Ferdinando Mountbatten, Jr? Fenella Michelmas? Fu Manchu?

    • Todd Benefiel

      What, you mean that Rorschach test I added after the last paragraph? Hmmm…very interesting that you saw four names with F and M for initials. Hmmm.

  2. Will miss your posts and look forward to your return! Til then, best wishes and have a good 2016 🙂

    • Todd Benefiel

      Thanks, Kristina, and a happy 2016 to you! Sorry for missing so many of your posts the past few months, but I’ll be back to reading them and commenting soon!

  3. Drop in anytime as it’s always a pleasure to catch up.

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