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Top 3 Most Disappointing Films of 2015


#1  –  Spectre

Believe me, I never expected Spectre to make this list, much less top it off. I thought the previous Bond film, Skyfall, was one of the best in the series, and with everyone involved—actors, director, screenwriters—returning for Spectre, I had extremely high hopes for this installment as well. But it never did quite come together; it was as if the filmmakers completely forgot what they’d done to make Skyfall so great. It even became silly and overboard at times, and there were so many situations and moments that borrowed from previous Bond movies, it felt like more an homage than its own film. Is it watchable? Yes, but it’s nowhere near as good as it should’ve been.

#2  –  Trainwreck

As profane and at times obscene as Amy Schumer’s comedy is, I really do get a kick out of her cable comedy show, and I assumed that same kind of self-deprecating humor and boundary-pushing situations would be present in Trainwreck, especially since she was responsible for the screenplay. The results, however, were a lot more tame and ‘Hollywood dramatic’ than I was hoping for, and the cutting edge aspects of her show were nearly non-existent. Even the input of director Judd Apatow—the king of modern-day raunch comedy—seemed restrained. Overall, it had its moments, but unfortunately there just weren’t enough of them.

#3  –  Poltergeist

It’s really quite simple: if you’re going to remake a popular and well-done supernatural horror film, especially when there’s really no reason to, then you’d better make sure you do it right…and whatever you do, don’t make it half as thrilling and half as scary as the original. Another attempt to ‘improve upon’ an older film by amping up its iconic moments for modern audiences, hoping bigger and louder means better…which it never does. Maybe this attempt works best if you’ve never seen the 1982 classic; if you have, then there’s absolutely no reason to bother with this one.

And Three Others That Weren’t Quite What I’d Hoped For

The Big Short

Hello, My Name is Doris

Jurassic World

8 comments on “Top 3 Most Disappointing Films of 2015

  1. Haven’t seen Poltergeist, Trainwreck had it’s moments but I was surprised at the dramatics underlying the entire flick and Spectre just hasn’t grabbed me. I STILL haven’t seen it. I have a love hate relationship with the Craig films. Skyfall great, Royale I think isn’t as good as we think it is at times and the other one….. blah. Like Star Trek, maybe only every second film is any good. Talking original crew series here. My biggest beef with the Bond films for the new generation is they are not as fun or funny if you prefer anymore. The tongue in cheek and winking at the camera is gone. They became to influenced by the success of the Bourne films in my crazed movie buff opinion. That is now the end of my rant. Happy New Year.

    • Todd B

      I think everything is influenced by the Bourne films now! And with the Craig films, I have the same feelings and preference order that you do…but I kinda liked how they went back to being a bit more serious…more like From Russia with Love than Octopussy. But to me, Quantum of Solace went too far in that direction, and was just flat-out dull because of it. And I like Craig as Bond, so if he’s done with the series, I might be done with the series, too. And Happy New Year to you, too…you are always welcome to rant here at any time!

  2. Dracula

    Guess these will be movies to watch on the trans-atlantic flights to the homeland and not from Redbox. As we say, “airplane movies” to pass the time or put me to sleep.

    • Todd B

      I should probably make a separate list for Top 5 airplane movies…ones that had the power to put me to sleep while watching them at home or at a theater. Which for starters would include either of the recent Sherlock Holmes movies, the first two films from the Harry Potter series, and the 1992 snoozer Once Upon a Crime.

  3. Julie Dunning

    Have you lost your mind?! How dare you demean a Daniel Craig film! I am shocked and appalled. But yea, other than that – I suppose you’re spot on. Now I know not to bother with the others – so thanks for that. Although I would know enough not to go near a Poltergeist remake – yikes. I’m scared just thinking about having to watch it.

    • Todd B

      Ha, I knew that #1 pick would get you riled up! Trust me, I’m not happy about it being there, either…I was convinced it was going to be a cool one when I’d first heard about it. Of course, I’ve only seen it that one time in the theater, so maybe I should give it a second chance. And you’ve already seen it, right? If so, how do you think it compares to the other three Bond films with Craig?

      And if you’ve never seen the original Poltergeist…then do! It’s scary, but fun!

  4. Julie Dunning

    PS: And what about 2016?!?!

    • Todd B

      I decided that, since I don’t see many films at the cinema anymore, that I’d watch a lot of one year’s films the following year, when they’re all released to video, and I can catch them on Netflix or borrow them from the library. So I watched a lot of 2015 films in 2016, and posted those lists now…which means I’ll watch the majority of 2016 films in 2017, then make my favorite lists for ’16 a year from now.

      Because seriously, who wants to keep seeing Jaws as my favorite ‘seen at a theater’ film every year? 😉

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