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Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

MI4 - posterCinema Monolith: 8/10 This film is part of the Cinema Monolith collection!Film Reel
IMDb: 7.3/10
The Arizona Republic: **** out of 5

Released on December 21, 2011
Rated PG-13
133 minutes

Directed by Brad Bird

Written by Josh Appelbaum and André Nemec

Cast: Tom Cruise, Paula Patton, Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner, Michael Nyqvist, Josh Holloway, Vladimir Mashkov, Samuli Edelmann, Anil Kapoor, Léa Seydoux, Tom Wilkinson, Miraj Grbic, Ving Rhames, Michelle Monaghan

After a five-year hiatus, Tom Cruise returned as Impossible Missions Force agent Ethan Hunt in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, the third sequel to the franchise original, and one I had high hopes for after my so-so feelings towards M:I-2 and M:I-3. For me, the first Mission: Impossible movie was a prime example of an adventure espionage film that succeeded as both serious and fun, and though the two follow-ups didn’t quite live up to these standards, thankfully this fourth installment did, and did quite well.

Here, Cruise is joined by Jeremy Renner and Paula Patton—and a returning Simon Pegg—as four IMF members, now on unexpected ‘ghost protocol’ status after being disavowed by the government, who are now on the trail of a terrorist who intends to start a nuclear war; the team travels from Russia to Dubai and then to India, taking part in some spectacular set pieces and administering their usual IMF tactics to hopefully intercept activation codes that will launch nuclear missiles at the US.

I’ll admit, I had a few problems with this one when I first saw it during its theatrical release, mainly with some gaps in logic and an overboard procession of situational and technical failures that plagued the team from start to finish, but this time around I forgave these minor blemishes and enjoyed the film for what it was: a smart, all-out action flick that entertained. Director Brad Bird handled his live-action chores with ease, and created several thrill-a-second sequences—the prison escape, the Kremlin infiltration, the Burj Dubai tower climb and deception, and the ‘auto türme’ car tower finale—that kept the pace energetic.

Perhaps the sentimental wrap-up was a tad clumsy (to me it should’ve been better written, and not treated like an afterthought), but everything else was spot-on, including Renner’s analyst character Brandt, who hopefully will be invited back for the next chapter of the series, and Josh Holloway’s IMF agent Hanaway, whose role I wished was more involved. As many of you know, I really love high-tech spy films, and I’m happy to say that Ghost Protocol fulfilled nearly all of my expectations. The second time around, anyway.  (8/10)

MI4 Ghost Protocol - photo suction final

2 comments on “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

  1. butterboy44

    I enjoyed the film immensely as well. Smart, tight, with just enough humor and not too many unbelievable super heroics.


    • Todd Benefiel

      My thoughts exactly, and I’m glad we’re on the same page…otherwise, I’d have to spend valuable brain time working out a smart-ass retort.


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