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The Glory Stompers

The Glory Stompers - poster finalCinema Monolith: 5/10
IMDb: 5.2/10
Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide: BOMB

Released on November 22, 1967
Not rated
85 minutes

Directed by Anthony M. Lanza

Written by James Gordon White and John Lawrence

Cast: Dennis Hopper, Jody McCrea, Jock Mahoney, Chris Noel, Casey Kasem, Robert Tessier, Saundra Gayle, Lindsay Crosby, Paul Prokop, Gary Wood, Astrid Warner, Jim Reader, Randee Lynne Jensen

Saddle your hogs and ride, man! I never dreamed there could be so many obscure biker movies out there, but apparently there are, and somehow I’m finding them…and spending precious grocery money adding them to my collection. I’m not sure why, but I really get a kick out of these things; perhaps it’s the ever-present revenge motif that always wins me over. And how can you go wrong with a title as abstract and mystifying as this one? You can’t, and that’s only one reason why this film turned out to be a tad better and more entertaining than others of its kind.

Along with a story that actually had some depth, and events that got you involved with the characters, you also had a cast list that featured the most eclectic collection of recognizable names you’ll find anywhere, a list that included Dennis Hopper, Joel McCrea’s son Jody, Bing Crosby’s son Lindsay, former Tarzan actor Jock Mahoney, and American Top 40 host Casey Kasem as, of all things, a bearded chopper creep. Add to that a few genre staples like Robert Tessier and Randee Lynne Jensen, and you’ve got yourself one heck of a celebrity biker party.

However, it was the dichotomy of the plot that really drew me in; Hopper heads a gang of bothersome ‘bad’ bikers who hassle a group of ‘good’ bikers—the Glory Stompers of the title—at a roadside cafe, then kidnap the girlfriend of the Stomper leader, leaving him beaten and dead in the woods…or so they think. This guy soon shakes off his injuries and goes after his girl, intent on saving her and exacting some retribution on the unsuspecting gang, who begin to implode along the way.

Surprisingly, the director and writers delivered some fairly cool moments and shots for this type of movie, and I loved the basic revenge ideas the screenplay offered (I especially liked the scene where the girlfriend got some payback ideas of her own), which is why, along with its title, The Glory Stompers earns itself a spot near the top of this sub-genre’s heap. If you’re a fan of such movies, I’d say give it a look; Quentin Tarantino screened it at one of his film fests, and I’m curious to find out if he ever considered remaking it. To me, it would be right up his alley.  (5/10)


12 comments on “The Glory Stompers

  1. Yes I have this one in the vault here but have yet to actually watch it. I do like to feature the biker films and just did last week choosing Rebel Rousers. All that was missing from that one was Hopper himself. Guess I’ll have to check this one out.


    • Todd B

      I promise, I’ll check out Rebel Rousers as soon as I get caught up with your other reviews! And yeah, if you own The Glory Stompers, you might as well give it a look, right? Looking forward to your take if you give it one.


      • Double checked and I do have a copy off TCM. I’ll cue it up for my next cross country motorcycle trip. Usually one every couple months here at the vault.


      • Todd B

        Cool, let me know what you think! And is it strange that it was shown on TCM? Maybe they had a biker film marathon, or it was part of the TCM Underground series. Or perhaps it was Jock Mahoney Day.

        Liked by 1 person

      • It was the underground series. Pick up some good titles thru that program.


      • Todd B

        I used to watch TCM Underground quite a bit…one of the many things I miss now that I no longer have cable.


  2. Dracula

    Just think of the backlash today if the jean vest in the picture was shown in a movie today. Oh my!


    • Todd B

      At first, I wondered what the problem would be with a guy wearing a jean vest…too sporty? And then I looked at that photo again…ah yes, now I get it. And yes, I’m sure there’d be some backlash…but he’s the bad guy, so I don’t think a Hello Kitty patch would have the same impact.


  3. Hey Nice to see you back Todd 🙂 I just seen the post. Haha yes this looks like mayhem and anarchy roll into a fun biker bonanza. Dennis Hopper and yet another bike movie, wouldn’t be the same without him. Gotta say you would think the bad guys would be called The Glory Stompers. What a bizarre collection of actors. I will definitely be keeping an eye for this.

    I think this one has become quite known on the cult scene but Psychomania is worth checking for another biker movie if you haven’t seen it. It’s meant to be a horror but man it’s really a camp comedy. It’s a blast and never fails to bring a chuckle.


    • Todd B

      Hey, good to be back…I’m going to try to get something out at least once every few weeks. We’ll see…I’ve made such promises before.

      I should check out Hopper’s IMDb page and see just exactly how many biker films he’s been in…I know of two, but beyond that, hmmm. And I have yet to figure out, or find a reason for, the gang name Glory Stompers…and you’re right, that sounds more like a bad biker gang’s name than a good one’s. I’ve never heard of Psychomania…I’ll see if YouTube has it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Just looked and it is on YT here: It’s very fun. If you don’t get round to it, then condense the viewing down to the trailer. It pretty much does the film in 2 and half minutes. LOL

        Actually maybe Hopper isn’t in any other ones. I thought he was in The Wild Angels but just looked and it’s Peter Fonda.

        Whenever it’s the right time is a good time Todd. It’s just for fun and if some free time pops up be good to see your film posting. I keep meaning to go back through your archive like you do with me! But I struggle going forward not back as well hehe. I will get to delve in more soon.


      • Todd B

        Thanks for the link, Mikey…I went to YouTube and gave it a peek; sure enough, it’s there. I tried to download it, but that was a no-go for some reason, so I’ll have to hope it stays there until I can get to it.

        It seems Hopper was in only two cycle films, The Glory Stompers and Easy Rider…I too assumed he was in more. And enjoy visiting other bloggers’ archived reviews when I’ve seen a movie, and wonder what their thoughts were on it. And yeah, hopefully I can get in a groove of posting something once a week…seems simple enough, right?


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