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Jaws: The Newspaper Ads

During my many searches on-line for images of Jaws posters, photos, and other memorabilia over the past few years, I began to seek out and collect newspaper clippings featuring theater ads for the film, beginning with those from its first year of release in 1975. Below are twelve such ads; the first is from a screening in San Diego, which I’d attended, while the last is for Jaws 2, a screening I saw with my grandfather in Fremont, Ohio in 1978, and the only clipping from the collection below that I actually cut out from a newspaper and saved.

San Diego, CA
I’m still amazed that I found an ad for my first-ever screening, at the Fashion Valley 4 in Mission Valley.
The ad is from opening day, and states “For fullest enjoyment – see it from the beginning.” Gee, really?

Detroit, MI
I’d assumed these theaters were in Hawaii, since one was called the Mai Kai, but a quick search told me they were actually located in the Detroit area. And check out that different tag line: “And so it began…”

Athens, GA
The 2nd exciting week in Athens!
And again they’re demanding we ‘see it from the beginning!’

Rockaway Park, NY
I love the special children’s matinee: cartoons, a G-rated movie about little bears, and…JAWS!
And hey, a fully HEATED theater…about freaking time!

Provo, UT
Funny how Ellen Brody gets her own little ‘bio box’:
“The Police Chief’s wife. For her – a threat to those she loved.” Sheesh.

New York and New Jersey
Cool how they show real theatergoers, their thoughts on the film,
and how many times they’d already seen it.

St. Petersburg, FL
Already over four months at one theater…so remember, HURRY!
(And look closely at the picture…looks like the shark missed her!)

Grand Island, NE
I wonder if that shark on display was a 25-footer…and perhaps three tons of him.

Toronto, ON
This ad was from the July 4, 1975 edition of the Toronto Star.
Check out that memo…the theater staff apologizing for the long wait in hot weather!

London, England
From the January, 1976 edition of Photoplay. Instead of the warning “May be too intense for younger children,”
it reads, “May be particularly disturbing to younger unaccompanied children.”

Melbourne, Australia
Box plans? Seasons commence? And I can’t book by phone?
What kind of screwy country IS this?

Fremont, OH
And finally, the old Cinema Paramount in Fremont, where my grandfather and I went to see Jaws 2
on a summer night in 1978. To read more about that little adventure, click here.

So where did you first see Jaws…what city and which theater? Any memories from that screening?
Let me know in the comment section below!

20 comments on “Jaws: The Newspaper Ads

  1. Julie Dunning

    FABulous collection and commentary – especially re: those outside the U.S. I wish there was an organization accepting recommendations for “Greatest Jaws Fan of All Time” as I would demand the title be yours into perpetuity!!


    • Todd B

      Aww, thanks Julie! However, I think I’d have to battle it out with that guy who has the biggest Jaws memorabilia collection, AND the Georgia Jaws Girl!


  2. Dracula

    You need to help me here. Where did I go to see Jaws? Have no clue.


    • Todd B

      I don’t know if this was your first time, but you and I went to see it at the Poway Playhouse, in that little strip mall on Poway Road, sometime during the summer of ’75.


  3. Dracula

    That must be it. I don’t think I have gone to a movie to see it twice at a theater. Poway Playhouse, isn’t that where Pee Wee Herman was behind the popcorn counter?


    • Todd B

      Wrong playhouse, I think. Or should I say, wrong playhouse, I hope.


  4. Awesome collection here. Love these and reminds me why I’m always hunting down old newspapers and their page of theater ads


  5. Amazing selection of ADs. So cool. Keep trying to set a date to introduce it to the kids. Hopefully that great day will come soon. Only last week I stumbled across a podcast telling the inside story of Jaws. It’s well produced but totally destroyed by adverts which they try to thread into the story. It’s very frustrating to what could of been a super listen whilst at work. Such a shame, Oh well!!


    • Todd B

      Thanks Mikey, I’ll check out that link…and of course, leave it to advertising to hinder a good thing. As for your kids’ intro date, how about July 4, 2020? That’ll give you two years to prepare for the event, it’ll be the 45th anniversary, plus the date itself couldn’t be more appropriate. Just make sure no large predators supposedly injure them when this screening takes place.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Haha I will make note. Maybe it will get a rerun on the big screen!! It’s on Netflix at the moment and I tell you I’ve been trying to get us all to sit down and watch it for some months. Damn their school homework, I need to have a word with their teachers. “Do you mind I’m trying to educate my children in the art of Jaws! Now good night”


      • Todd B

        I think it would be outstanding if your kids’ teacher spent an entire class day discussing the ins and outs of Jaws. And too bad you don’t live out here…Jaws is showing at the movie theater next door to where I live tomorrow night. My sister and I are going…her first screening since 1979.

        Liked by 1 person

      • If Elon Musk could of pulled his finger out and got that hyperloop sorted I could of jumped in a tube and popped out for a Jaws viewing with you. Maybe he’ll invent a time machine at some point and I be there….. Hope you both enjoyed the screening, silly question as you sure would of.


      • Todd B

        Screening was great…a good crowd, but I realized this time how much better my Blu-ray looks. And as you’ll see in one of my upcoming Jaws Month posts, there are still plenty of Jaws screenings to go around, year after year, so at some point we’ll make it work. There’s that big 70mm revival theater, in London I believe, that would be a great place to see Jaws someday. Hmmm…

        Liked by 1 person

      • I wanted to see Dunkirk at the London BFI IMAX on 70mm. Did watch it twice on the “normal” screen. Loved it so much I wish I’d made the trip. Jaws would be crazy on the giant screen! Will catch up with your Jaws posts soon buddy.


      • Todd B

        I loved Dunkirk, and wished I had seen it on the big screen (ended up borrowing it from the library). Never heard of the London BFI, but I’ll look it up…have you ever been to the Prince Charles Cinema? That one sounds WAY cool! And when (or if…I shouldn’t be so bold) you get to my ‘Jaws Screenings of 2018’ post, check out that link to the theater in Peoria, Illinois…now THAT looks like the ideal place to watch Jaws.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I’ve never been to the Prince Charles Cinema but I would love to try it out one day. I’ve heard you get a fantastic viewing experience and they put on events and show cult classics.

        We did go to Coronet Cinema in Notting Hill Gate London which is an amazing old building back in 1997. What did we see you ask? Alien: Resurrection! The best thing apart from the beautiful setting was it was one of the last cinemas to let you smoke in. Neither of us were big smokers at the time but we became chainsmokers for the duration of the film. Along with everyone else.


      • Todd B

        Thanks for that link…the Coronet looks like a GREAT place to watch a movie (and a double-level balcony!). I did a little research on it, and was saddened to read that some theatre group bought the cinema in 2014, and apparently it no longer screens movies. Although I also read that there are plans to re-open the cinema in the future…whatever that might mean.

        And maybe the four members of the VSAH team will have their 2019 annual meeting at the Prince Charles Cinema. And I guess three of us should start saving for that trip NOW.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah it got bought up which sounds like it was amazing to save the building but what a shame the film screenings finished. Looks like the re-opening of the cinema might be wishful thinking. Hopefully the building is getting used well for the theatre productions. Haha yes let’s get the VSAH squad in the Prince Charles, at least we are guaranteed to sell four tickets!!! Hehe even though they would be the most expensive cinema tickets you guys have ever bought!


      • Todd B

        I guess if we were all handsomely rich, we could pull such an event off…oh well, maybe someday. And if such a trip took place, it would indeed become my most expensive cinema ticket, after this trip here.


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