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Once Again, It’s ‘Jaws Night’

I’m no longer having ‘Jaws Month’ here at the Monolith, but that doesn’t mean I’m not taking part in my annual ‘Jaws Night’ festivities…

7/4/19 · 14 Comments

Jaws Month: A Few Final Thoughts

I close out Jaws Month 2018 with a collection of thoughts and insights about the movie that have been rattling around my brain for a while. Enjoy!


He Didn’t Eat a Car, Did He?

We all remember the ‘cutting open the shark’s stomach’ scene, right? Do you remember the items Hooper removes from the stomach? Guess which one now sits on my shelf!


Jaws Poster Gallery 4: Fan Artwork

A collection of twenty of my favorite Jaws-inspired artist creations, where Jaws posters for movies, anniversaries, and even theme parks are re-imagined by fans.


The Fourth Bruce

What is this about, a shark head? And it’s called Bruce? Does this have anything at all to do with Jaws? Hey, it’s Jaws Month…of course it does!


Jaws Screenings in 2018

The year’s only half over…still plenty of time to watch Jaws at a beach, pub, or museum near you. Check out these posters and ads to find out where!


Top 5 Favorite Jaws Memories

Ever wonder what my favorite memories of Jaws are? Well, wonder no more…here are five of them, with three bonus memories to boot.


Jaws: The Newspaper Ads

Jaws Month 2018 opens with a look at Jaws advertising in the movie sections of newspapers in the US and beyond. May be too intense for younger readers.


It’s Time for Jaws Month 2018!

Cinema Monolith kicks off its fourth and final Jaws Month today, July 4th, with the beaches open and a look ahead at what I’ll post in the coming weeks!

7/4/18 · 6 Comments

Barracuda (1978)

You yell “Barracuda,” everybody says “huh, what?” I haven’t seen that many Jaws copycats, but I’ll go out on a limb and say this one is the worst.


The CM Jaws Collection

I conclude Jaws Month with a look at items from my Jaws collection…a collection whose contents could easily fit inside a tiger shark’s digestive tract.


Now Playing at the Fashion Valley 4

And no, it’s not Mandingo Month! Check out this newspaper clipping from 1975 and find out what makes the content of this ad so memorable.


Jaws on the Thames

Wanna watch a shark movie on a boat? In London? Surrounded by a summer sky and sunset? Well, you better bring plenty of sterling, because it’s gonna cost ya!


Jaws: The Morgue Scene

I continue my fascination with the perplexing medical examiner’s office scene from Jaws, with a look at a pair of early screenplay drafts; was it or was it not edited?


Top 3 Least Favorite Jaws Moments

Wait, what? My LEAST favorite moments from my favorite movie? Blasphemy! But yet, here they are: three scenes that I wished had been handled differently…or left out entirely.


Jaws Poster Gallery 3: The Foreign One-Sheets

Leading off this year’s Jaws Month is a gallery of one-sheet posters from around the world, some familiar, some…well, not so much. I’m looking at you, Czechoslovakia!


Jaws Month 2017 Begins!

Another scorching-hot summer is upon us, and it’s time once again to visit my favorite movie of all time, the 1975 man-vs-shark classic Jaws!


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